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Non-certified consultants earn more!

The title of this posting should get someones attention. (I totally stole this idea from Eric Holdeman). This report on continuity and emergency management compensation for independent contractors and it gives hourly rates by certification. What i found interesting was Figure 3, which highlights compensation by the number of certifications. "Interestingly enough, the data indicated that those professionals with no certifications enjoyed higher compensations compared to their certified counterparts."

The report indicates that the majority of non-certified professionals were degreed (81%) with 19.6% achieving a Doctorate/ PhD. But I think the more telling story may be that many of the seasoned consultants have established themselves in the business without certification buy throughcompetent work, experience, and good reference accounts. While many senior consultants are certified, I think that the compensation report is an indication that there is no correlation between certifi…

Administrator W. Craig Fugate’s First Official Day at FEMA Message

(Thi is Craig Fugate’s First Official Day at FEMA Message: Thought it would be nice to post this to the blog, FYI)

I wanted to take the opportunity on my first official day at FEMA to introduce myself and to tell you how happy I am to be the new FEMA Administrator and part of the FEMA team. I know from first hand experience what a great agency FEMA is and what a dedicated and professional workforce I will be working with. In the coming weeks we will be announcing new senior leadership as soon as they come on board, and I know that we will have an exceptionally strong team.

In my discussions with Secretary Napolitano it is clearly evident that there is a new emphasis on the importance of emergency management in the Department. The Secretary is committed to building strong relationships with all of our stakeholders. I couldn't agree more that the core of our success lies in the relationships we build with our state, local and tribal partners, with the private sector, and with the publ…

Solar Storms and Time Travel

I write today about solar storms, prompted to do so by guy that Fox news used as their "expert astro-physicist" to talk about the impending disaster that solar storms represent.

The issue: Solar Cycle 24 is predicted to peak in May 2013 with a daily sunspot number of 90. Solar cycle maximums can disrupt sensitive electronics on earth and threaten communications and power grids among other things.

Now, how is the press going to report on this issue? Take Fox news for example. MichioKaku, an expert astro-physicist, was on Fox News telling us that this is going to be "Space Katrina" and throw us all back into the stone age; which is cool because he also believes in time travel. Couldn't they get someone from NASA? Is this "fair and balanced"?

There have also been some dire predictions in the blogosphere, as an example, this Blog suggests quite a catastrophe:

Trains will collide and planes will crash, as their communications systems fail. Satellites will cra…

H1N1 Update from Mexico 5-09-09

I'm sharing another update from Juan in Mexico. While the news buzz is quieting, there is still much going on. Always insightful and credible, Juan gives us an up-close look at the latest happenings in Mexico. Meanwhile the numbers of cases continues to rise but there is much less "worry" thanks to the careful messaging of those managing the crisis. That has been interesting to watch indeed.


Steve Davis


Hello everybody:

Official data:- May 8, 8:45 hrs: Confirmed Cases: 1364 cases, 45 deaths. Yesterday they reported 3 deaths in Jalisco, possibly because of H1N1 virus. Today´s news announced 3 more deaths (in Jalisco), the official data is still not on the Health Secretariat webpage.- Jalisco, Guerrero, San Luis Potosí and Hidalgo states anounced that schools will not reopen on the 11th but on the 18th.- Based on a Model (FluAid) authorities calculated the impact of the …