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Tough Time Finding Work in Emergency Management?

It is a tough time (economy-wise) for those of you just starting out in the emergency management field but there are plenty of positions out there - If you are looking for work, I encourage you to keep trying and not to get frustrated.Here are some tips for those of you in the hunt.First, if you don’t have experience, you need to get some. I would look for volunteer opportunities with your local emergency management agency, fire department, LEPC, ARC, or other VOAD organizations. Volunteering is one sure fire way to get some real life on-the-ground experience.Second, you need to find the job opportunities. You need to go hunt.You can search the job boards at places like and to see if you can find a ground floor opportunity. There are mail lists like the EM Jobs list on Yahoo! Often, there are lower level positions or internships available where you can get on-the-job experience.Third, get connected.It is a Web 2.0 world and you better get with it. Try networki…