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Job Opportunities with All Hands Consulting

Here is an update on current projects we are working on at All Hands. If you are interested, please drop me a line and an up-to-date resume along with rate requirements and availability.

Disaster Reservists. We continue to recruit for disaster reservists for mass care missions. Should the "big one" happen we will likely be asked on short notice to support coordination, field operations and shelter management along with possible support to feeding, base camps, logistics, etc. (If you are already signed up with our partner ConOps there is no need to reapply.) See more information at

EOC Operations. We are looking for good people to include on a proposal that we are working on . Candidates must have "hands-on” experience with an EOC (to include JOC, ROC, etc.) at the federal or state level with 24/7/365 operations. Work would be part-time and may only require limited travel to support planning activities towards operation of an EOC, …