Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Addition to the Conference: The 2011 National Training Expo

Homeland Security Colleague,

The National UASI Homeland Security Conference has become the best event of the year for networking, training and learning.  From Miami to Charlotte to New Orleans, we have produced the Nation’s premier homeland security and emergency management conference. This year's conference in San Francisco is shaping up to be our best conference yet.

In addition to the best practice panels you have come to expect Monday, June 20, thru Wednesday, June 22, we are very pleased to announce a new addition to this year’s Conference - The 2011 National Training Expo which will be held in San Francisco on Thursday, June 23rd along with FEMA's After Action Conference. This Expo is a first for us and we are inviting all of our federal partners and nonprofit training providers.  It will add real value to the conference for participants since you will be able to learn about, and sign up for, training that in most cases is provided to first responders in your jurisdiction at no cost.  When you register for the 2011 UASI Homeland Security Conference, plan on being in San Francisco from June 20-23 and include The National Training Expo 2011.

In addition to the Expo, San Francisco will be providing tours of facilities and equipment like its’ EOC and watercraft on after the formal conference, so plan on staying in the Bay Area for Thursday and Friday for post conference events and activities.

San Francisco will mark an important transition for the Conference, with a new, fresh approach to the tracks, panels and presentations.  You will also notice the change in our name, we have become The National UASI Homeland Security Conference.  In San Francisco, our Conference will include all FEMA grantees; States, Urban Areas, Sovereign Nation’s, Territories, Port and Transit Systems, MMRS and Buffer Zone Programs.  So, this will be the one meeting this year you really want to attend.

Teresa Serata and the local Host Committee, the City of San Francisco and the Bay Area Super UASI are putting together the best National Conference yet.  We will keep you informed as Conference planning progresses with regular updates and encourage you to register now at

Thursday, January 13, 2011

National UASI Homeland Security Conference “Call for Speakers”

The National UASI Homeland Security Conference Planning Committee is issuing a general “Call for Speakers” and presentation topics.  We want your thoughts on what information is most needed and what will stir up stimulating exchanges among our participants.  The conference seeks to encourage lively discussions among preparedness grant participants from different regions and levels of government who might not otherwise connect.  We often combine different proposals and mix suggested panelists to reframe issues and encourage discussion. Track session design is how we achieve this goal.  You can offer to speak on a topic yourself, or ask for a presentation on a particular topic. Just send an e-mail to

This year's theme is "Creating capabilities through regional collaboration."  While presentations do not need to directly address the theme, finding a way to address how the topic may be influenced by regional collaboration or may influence collaborative efforts is of interest to us. This could range from a simple mention within a presentation to a case study or more extensive discussion.

You may submit specific or general ideas or topics for sessions; however, things to keep in mind when proposing a presentation:
We are very interested in presentations which tie into our theme, cover emerging issues, provide answers to related questions, highlight new perspectives, showcase best practices, and share successes and topics of interest and applicability to our attendees across the various grant programs.
       Provide as much information as you can—the more we know about your ideas and desired panelists, the more likely we are to include them somewhere in the program.

       You can submit as many topic or session ideas as you would like.

       If you want to present on a particular topic, please give us a brief abstract using the attached form. When submitting your abstract we ask that the following information be included:

o   Your name, title, agency and affiliated grant program(s) represented.
o   An office phone number, a mobile phone number (if applicable), and e-mail address.
o   The name of the track you would like to present on, or the topic you would like to propose.
o   A concise description of the presentation content.  This should include information on what will be presented (best practice, lesson learned, academic study, etc.)
o   An indication of the delivery medium to be used (PowerPoint®, video, speaking only, etc).

Even if you do not want to present, we are anxious to hear your thoughts; so, please take a moment and let us know what you’d like to see at your conference.  Please submit your offer or suggestion to: by no later than February 18th.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Registration for the National Urban Areas Security Initiative Homeland Security Conference is now open

Please register now and join us in San Francisco June 20-23, 2011.

The National Urban Areas Security Initiative Conference, Inc., in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Grant Programs Directorate, is hosting its 5th annual conference in San Francisco this June 20-23. Please register now and join us in San Francisco June 20-23, 2011.

Registration is now open at