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Proposal for a Comprehensive Preparedness Grants Structure

After what they described as more than six months of meetings, conference calls, and over 20 drafts, the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) issued a report that documents their examination of the suite of homeland security and emergency management grants which include the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) Program and the Homeland Security Grants Program (HSGP).

The report, a “Proposal for a Comprehensive Preparedness Grants Structure” follows last summer’s NEMA report titled “The Homeland Security Grant Program – Keeping a Promise to the Nation.” According to the NEMA web site , this effort was spurred by a desire to provide an alternative to calls to Congress to “please don’t cut funding”. 
The calls to not cut funding fell on deaf ears as Congress proceeded to cut the budget sharply. Homeland security grants were targeted for a disproportionate level of cuts, down nearly two thirds from FY 2010.NEMA and the International Association of Emergency Managers (…

Looking for a Job in Emergency Management?

We know that the economy is bad: Budgets are being reduced, grants are being cut, and competition is fierce. We assume that many in the All Hands Community may be looking for work and we want to help.

All Hands Consulting tries to help place as many people as possible but we have grown to over 1,000 consultants and there is no way of keeping everyone busy.

We often get requests to either help fill jobs or to share information about job openings. We often do this on our various lists but we do not want to load up general mail lists with job announcements. For that reason, we focus on sharing job openings on a mail list designed for just this purpose: The Emergency Management Employment Yahoo! Group at EmergencyManagementJobs. If you are looking for a job, I would encourage you to join this list as that is where I will be posting job openings.

Another great resource for job seekers is the IAEM Job Board - you should check the board often. Steve Detwiler keeps up a steady stream of jo…