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What is a "Potential Tropical Cyclone"

A new weather term entered the lexicon this week when the National Hurricane Center (NHC) issued its first-ever Potential Tropical Cyclone (PTC) advisory Sunday afternoon, highlighting the threat of a strong tropical wave in the central Atlantic that is likely to affect the Windward Islands as a tropical storm. Another system in the northwest Caribbean remains on track to move into the Gulf of Mexico, where it could affect areas from Texas to Florida as a tropical storm later this week.

The new Potential Tropical Cyclone advisories will provide more detailed guidance on systems that are not yet at depression strength but that have a chance of intensifying and bringing tropical storm or hurricane conditions to land areas within 48 hours. In their announcement of this and other service changes for 2017, NHC said: “Under previous longstanding NWS policy, it has not been permitted to issue a hurricane or tropical storm watch or warning until after a tropical cyclone had formed.  Advances…

Emergency Management Consulting Projects

In part two of our blog "What is an Emergency Management Consulting Firm?", we take a look at what a typical emergency management consulting project looks like.

Our typical emergency management consulting projects are designed to help local agencies or businesses prepare through a cycle of planning, training and exercises. We help our clients prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

We also evaluate how well response and recovery plans work through after action reviews and improvement plans to address areas needing improvement. After Action Reports (AARs) and improvement planning is typically done after a real life emergency or an exercise.
All Hands helps our clients develop and implement Comprehensive Emergency Management Programs and Plans through a series of steps including Emergency Management Program Review, Capability and Gap Assessments, and Strategic Planning. We then help close identified gaps often by developing or updating a Comprehensive Emergency Manag…

What is an Emergency Management Consulting Firm?

What is an Emergency Management Consulting Firm?
I am often asked what I do.  When I answer that I am an Emergency Management Consultant, I typically get an odd look (unless I am talking to an Emergency Manager).  
I typically explain that we help governments, businesses, communities, and people prepare for disasters.  But emergency management is complex and should involve the whole community. 

Today’s blog is an attempt to answer the question:
What is Emergency Management Consulting?
Emergency management consulting firms, and emergency management consultants, help clients with their emergency management programs.  Emergency management is defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as “The managerial function charged with creating the framework within which communities reduce vulnerability to threats/hazards and cope with disasters.”
We describe emergency management as a comprehensive program to prevent and mitigate hazards and to prepare for, respond to, and recover from inci…