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Get Connected with the updated All Hands Community 3.0

For the last decade or so, my passion has been the use of the Internet to collaborate. The All Hands Community has been my way of doing that and a sort of "giving back" to the community of emergency management, homeland security, and business continuity professionals that I work with.So, today I want to announce the launch of a new and improved version of our community collaboration and information sharing portal, All Hands Community 3.0 ( Our goal is to provide our members with a complete community-based social networking experience coupled with a wealth of multifaceted information resources. The new version of the All Hands Community is also linked to Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.The updated site features an array of information including our Emergency Manager's Toolbox, Glossary and Link Directory. Users can now easily access archival and cross-referenced information. The upgraded site also enables our members an easy, instan…