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I saw this on Google+ and wanted to share it. I do not know Frantz but I'm thankful for his sharing it.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone. - Steve

by Frantz Ostmann on Saturday, 
November 17, 2012 at 7:13am 

1. The excitement and coolness wears off around day 3

2. You are never really prepared to go weeks without power, heat, water etc. Never!

3. Yes it can happen to you.

4. Just because your generator runs like a top, does not mean its producing electricity.

5. If you do not have water stored up you are in trouble.
a. A couple of cases of bottled water is “NOT” water storage

6. Should have as much fuel as water
a. Propane
b. Gas
c. Kerosene
d. Firewood
e. Firestarter, (kindling, paper, etc)

7. Even the smallest little thing that you get from the store should be stocked up.. (spark plug for the generator, BBQ lighter, etc)

8. If you are not working, chances are nobody else is either.

9. I was surprised how quickly normal social behavior goes out the window. I am not talking about s…

The Emergency Management Daily

It has been a busy year. 

Too busy to spend much time blogging.... obviously....  

However, we have been busy micro blogging.  In other words, we are pumping stuff out on Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter provides an easy way to send more information through a more effective and manageable medium.  For instance  with the use of hashtags (such as #Hurricane, #HSEM or #UASI), we can tag stories as being relevant to the topic at hand.  

As a result of this shift to Twitter, we are sending fewer posts to our mail lists and doing much less blogging. 

But, if you are interested, we have a daily paper that takes our Twitter posts and those of others in the Emergency Management field, and aggregates them in a paper format. 

The Emergency Management Daily is generated automatically and provides an easy way to browse the posts of the day.  You can subscribe to the paper and receive a daily message on the updated posts.

I'd encourage you to subscribe to this daily paper if you are interested in emerg…