The 2011 National UASI and Homeland Security Conference is almost here!

The 2011 National UASI and Homeland Security Conference team has been working hard over the last year to get ready for the 2011 conference. The final touches to the conference plans have been made and it looks to be an excellent program. The 2011 conference will be the largest ever with over 1,600 attendees. The 2011 conference will include all DHS preparedness grants and will be collocated with the GPD After Action Conference.
The theme of the 2011 National UASI and Homeland Security Conference is "Enhancing Capabilities through Regional Collaboration"
Conference Organizers
The conference has a long history of "bootstrap" approach, being put on by the same people that attend.  I got involved from the start while working to support the Miami UASI and have been involved ever since.  Host cities including Miami, Charlotte, New Orleans and now San Francisco do the heavy lifting in working to make each conference a success.  The next conference is already being planned in Columbus, Ohio.

Who Owns the Conference?
The National UASI and Homeland Security Conference is "owned" and managed by the National Urban Areas Security Initiative Conference, Inc. (a 501c6).  Also knows as UASICON, this group is represented by an elected group of directors who, in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Grant Programs Directorate (DHS/FEMA/GPD), work to manage the conference. 

Conference Goal
The goal of the Annual National UASI and Homeland Security Conference is to foster the exchange of information between all parties involved in the Department of Homeland Security preparedness grant programs under the Homeland Security Grant Program. The conference is targeted toward all those involved in the preparedness grant programs.

Even if you can not make it to the conference, you can follow related activities at the conference web site and via social media at the following links.


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