Emergency Management Consulting Projects

In part two of our blog "What is an Emergency Management Consulting Firm?", we take a look at what a typical emergency management consulting project looks like.

Our typical emergency management consulting projects are designed to help local agencies or businesses prepare through a cycle of planning, training and exercises. We help our clients prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

All Hands Consulting's "Cycle of Preparedness"

We also evaluate how well response and recovery plans work through after action reviews and improvement plans to address areas needing improvement. After Action Reports (AARs) and improvement planning is typically done after a real life emergency or an exercise.

All Hands helps our clients develop and implement Comprehensive Emergency Management Programs and Plans through a series of steps including Emergency Management Program Review, Capability and Gap Assessments, and Strategic Planning. We then help close identified gaps often by developing or updating a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP)/Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) and associated annexes and guides.  The CEMP addresses all of the elements of a community Emergency Management program: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  As part of the emergency management planning process, we encourage and develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), response guides, operational manuals and job aids for departments, agencies, organizations and individuals. It is important that all CEMP stakeholders have the “tools” they need to carry out their ‘in time of emergency and recovery’ responsibilities.

We specialize in “whole community emergency management”. This comprehensive emergency management program approach involves everyone in the community. The entire community decides what the program (blueprint) should be, establishes work plans, defines the emergency management tasks to be done and the expected end products, and decides who is responsible for the accomplishment and maintenance of each task.

Whole Community Emergency Management System

We also specialize in conducting Emergency Operation Center (EOC) review and EOC Design workshops as well as in developing EOC Organizations, EOC Manuals, and Staff Action Guides for each EOC Position.

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we engage stakeholders and foster a collaborative atmosphere among all planning partners to achieve widespread buy-in and support of the final product - enhancing organizational relationships and resulting in a plan that can be executed when necessary.

Our emergency management planning approach is used to help out clients find better ways manage information and meet the challenges of managing emergencies and disasters. Our professionals bring subject matter expertise in emergency management, homeland security, and continuity ofoperations to every planning project.


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