2009 Urban Area Security Initiative Conference

One of my "hobbies" is to support an annual confernce for the Urban Area Security Initiative. http://www.urbanareas.org/con/

This conference was originally conceived from information sharing partnerships between the UASI program managers of the Charlotte and Miami UASIs, who recognized a distinct need for an information sharing platform. The first of these conferences was held in Dallas, TX in 2005; supported by the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Metro Chiefs Committee. This conference was largely attended by fire professionals and UASI administrative professionals, who recognized the need for greater information sharing.From this conference it was identified that a larger conference was needed to provide similar information, across first responder disciplines, from all UASI cities. The 2007 National Conference was conceived of as a platform for exchange of ideas on the management of UASI programs. Participants and contributions were expanded to include all disciplines, industry, government and academia. This continued with the 2008 National Conference with the largest attendance in conference history.

The 2009 conference will build on the previous programs to continue as a premier event for UASI program participants. If you have a role in a UASI program you are encouraged to attend.


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