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Oct 15
Getting Connected - Web 2.0
Posted by Steve in Technology, homeland security

"During an emergency is not the time to be exchanging business cards."
How many times have your heard this refrain? Do you have stacks of business cards as I do? How on earth can one find the time to connect with the people you meet?
To me, technology is making the business card obsolete. The technology is out there to scan the cards into my contact list (and italready has thousands of people in it) but how do I manage to find the right person when I am looking for a contact in a particular agency or specialty area. Someone whom we have not yet swapped business cards with?
Isn't there a better way to connect? Can we find a way to connect like our kids (and some of us old timers) are doing on facebook?

There is a better way and our kids are taking full advantage of it. Now it is our time to take advantage of what is being called "Web 2.0".

Web 2.0 is a generally used to designate a web site or software that enhances interpersonal, collaboration, information sharing, and a sense of community on the world wide web. Web 2.0 is not really new as these capabilities have been around for quite a while. It is more about the evolution of web-based communities or social-networking groups that use web sites to share video, forums, wikis, and blogs.

As a matter of fact, if you are reading this on, as I assume you are, you are already in the world of Web 2.0. This site has all of the capabilities envisioned in a web-based community of interest (COI). The challenge for us is to find the time and the way to use the site to its fullest advantage. Many of you are using the site to research issues related to your education or profession. Others are looking for helpful tools such as plan templates or presentations.

Back to business cards, the All-Hands site has a members directory (select "Members List" under the "User Menu". The directory can be used to make contact with other registered site members but it not the ideal way to meet community members. The community forum, on the other hand, is a great way to get into discussions with others interested in a particular topic.

It is relatively easy to create sites like these, the trick is to get people to come together as a COI. Community sites can be done at an office or regional level and can be restricted based on membership approval processes.

Another web site that I like to use for networking is Linkedin. This site is a professional's version of facebook and provides an easy way to find and maintain connections. My page is located at and includes a link to the All Hands Community Group within Linkedin. Check it out.

I would like to see more of you connecting through this virtual community. These are great tools and we should all be taking advantage of them.

So, get connected, post to the forum, update your profile, do a blog, whatever you want. Get out there and be part of your professional community.

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