H1N1 Update from Mexico 5-09-09

I'm sharing another update from Juan in Mexico. While the news buzz is quieting, there is still much going on. Always insightful and credible, Juan gives us an up-close look at the latest happenings in Mexico. Meanwhile the numbers of cases continues to rise but there is much less "worry" thanks to the careful messaging of those managing the crisis. That has been interesting to watch indeed.


Steve Davis


Hello everybody:

Official data:- May 8, 8:45 hrs: Confirmed Cases: 1364 cases, 45 deaths. Yesterday they reported 3 deaths in Jalisco, possibly because of H1N1 virus. Today´s news announced 3 more deaths (in Jalisco), the official data is still not on the Health Secretariat webpage.- Jalisco, Guerrero, San Luis Potosí and Hidalgo states anounced that schools will not reopen on the 11th but on the 18th.- Based on a Model (FluAid) authorities calculated the impact of the epidemic for the country without any intervention: 8,605 deaths, 30,380 hospitalizations (over the usual ones), above 4.5 million office visits in an 8 week period.

The details are here: http://portal.salud.gob.mx/sites/salud/descargas/pdf/influenza/estimacion_del_impacto_potencial_080509.pdf

- Apparently this link will show a detailed report updated today: http://portal.salud.gob.mx/descargas/pdf/influenza/influenza_situacion_actual_09may.pdf but it is not working right now.

Non-official data- Things are quite calm now, most people is back to "normal" except there are still these "sanitary" filters in schools and universities, also in work places, and other general measures.- Apparently Thursday and Friday were quite calm in the hospitals, but apparently last night there was another number of visits with flu-like symptoms to a number of hospitals. I will confirm that later today.

Now people is speaking about different "theories"- "This was `created` by our governmente.- "This is political"- Etc.

The flow of information is slower and less extensive, although you can really go into the webpages and find more detailed information. For example:

- Recommendations for indigenous communities: http://www.inali.gob.mx/influenza.html in the different dialects here.- Detailed information published everyday.- Etc.

I hope you all are doing well.

Juan M. Fraga-- Promueve la RCP en MéxicoVisita: http://www.rcp.org.mx/


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