Non-certified consultants earn more!

The title of this posting should get someones attention. (I totally stole this idea from Eric Holdeman). This report on continuity and emergency management compensation for independent contractors and it gives hourly rates by certification. What i found interesting was Figure 3, which highlights compensation by the number of certifications. "Interestingly enough, the data indicated that those professionals with no certifications enjoyed higher compensations compared to their certified counterparts."

The report indicates that the majority of non-certified professionals were degreed (81%) with 19.6% achieving a Doctorate/ PhD. But I think the more telling story may be that many of the seasoned consultants have established themselves in the business without certification buy through competent work, experience, and good reference accounts. While many senior consultants are certified, I think that the compensation report is an indication that there is no correlation between certification and the value of a particular consultant's time.

Is certification more important for the junior consultant or those trying to prove that they are qualified? Is that why the numbers show those without certs make more?



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